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Octosniff CHANGE LOG
Minor bug fixes/ UI updates.
Cleaner export ips via HTML.
Game filters categorized in alphabetical order.
Resize data grid (ie Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large)
Auto detect/install 64bit or 32bit.
Added IP Labels.
You can now save specific labels for an IP, making them easier to remember.
Added Column Filters.
The ISP column can be filtered to hide IPs based on the ISP name. This feature will be expanded in the future to allow multiple filters on multiple different columns.
Added PC support (requires PC addon).
GTAV and RDR2 on PC are now official supported! You can analyze IP and usernames on the PC version of these games. More PC titles will be added in the future
Added 64-bit mode.
64-bit is required if you are wanting to use the new PC features.
You can now export results in either CSV format or an HTML table.
Fixed issue with textbox ghosting between tabs.
Removed Xbox login (no longer working).
Renamed "Filtered" tab to "Filtered Games" (makes it more clear).
Added new tab settings.
Show/Hide PC Tab.
Show/Hide Filtered Games Tab.
Show/Hide IP labels by default.
Added GIF support for backgrounds.
Discord now has a sub icon when using OctoSniff to show which tab you are using.
New OctoSniff Icon, we are still not sure if we should keep it!.

To be noted
In order to use PC Decrypt on the supported games you need to sniff packets. Once done you'll be able to click the "Users" icon beside Settings in the upper right corner on the PC tab to pull username:ip!.

Example of Custom labels shown here via COD MW Party and PSN CHAT

PC GTA Decryption
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