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In this tutorial we'll explain how to use OctoSniff for PC.

To pull on PC simply select your PC internet adapter at the top left of the tool. (ie wifi,ethernet, If you are running a VPN choose the VPN adapter.)
Click settings in the top right click the interface tab and enable "Show Other Info".
If the game or application has a game filter please enable it, for more information on game filters please view this page >CLICK HERE<
once done simply click sniff and join a game session

The GTA V Game filter is not for PC its only required for XBOX/PlayStation as GTA V supports decrypt for PC. If you don't own PC decryption Please use the other info tab or enable the filter and use the other filtered games tab.

To be noted
In order to use PC Decrypt you will need to be on GTA V or RDR 2 and you need to sniff packets. Once done you'll be able to click the "Users" icon beside Settings in the upper right corner on the PC tab to pull username:ip!.
The PC Tab only shows up if you own decryption. you do not need this addon to pull ips on any pc games, you can still pull ips on gta v or rdr or any pc games via the filtered games/other info tab

If this is your first time setting up the software, You will get a warning message about trying to sniff without any router/consoles selected, Simply click cancel.
How to hide/ignore the no targets warning
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