Some of our services appear not to be working at the moment.

Our team has been notified, and is working on sorting out the issue.

OctoSniff Normal may not launch/open on windows 11, As it needs to be updated to support it. OctoSniff Beta 4.0 Should launch/open. But if neither does, please follow the instructions below.

OctoSniff v3 & v4 should work on this Window 11 Version

If neither is launching/opening, please roll back windows by uninstalling the most recent updates, or simply revert back to Windows 10 till OctoSniff is updated.

To Roll Back Do The Following...
Click start and choose Settings. (or press Windows Key+ S search Settings)
Once settings window is open choose "Update & Security".
Towards the bottom of the window choose "View Update History".
At the top left of the view update history window choose "Uninstall Updates".

If you do need to use the Beta version, Please follow the instructions below to install it.
To enable beta head over to the download section of the OctoSniff client panel >CLICK HERE<
Then click on "Enable Beta"
Click Download "Direct Download 4.0.0"
Then simply run the installer.
TO BE NOTED: Beta has various bugs, ie the game filters do not work so you will need to use the other info tab, For more info on how to use the Game Filters/other info tab >CLICK HERE<

Once its installed and opened you will need to click the settings tab to find your network adapters required for a setup of your choice.
Adapter selection via settings

To understand what adapter, you need to use for your setup you will need to choose a setup guide. Below are the best recommended setups guides in order.
Wired To Router: Click here to view the guide
Wired To PC: Click here to view the guide
Wireless Setup Click here to view the guide
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