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Optimal Wired Connection Setup: Game Consoles and PC

In this tutorial we'll explain how to use OctoSniff while your game console and pc are wired to your router.

A Ethernet Switch (we recommend the following Model TL-SG105E (CLICK HERE)
3 Ethernet Cables (cat6 or higher)
Windows 8.1 or higher

Setting up your ethernet switch.
Plug one Ethernet cord from your PC into Slot 1 on the Ethernet switch.
Plug one Ethernet cord from your Console into slot 2 on the Ethernet switch.
Plug one Ethernet cord from your Router into slot 3, 4 or 5 on the Ethernet switch if you only plan on using 1 pc and 1 game console plug it into slot 3.
Download and install Tp-Link's Easy Smart Configuration Utility via. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)
Once you downloaded/installed the switch manager, simply open the easy smart configuration utility. (the default login information can be found on the back of the switch)
once open you are going to select the MONITORING tab.
Change Port Mirror Status to ENABLED
Change Mirroring Port to 1.
Under Mirrored port enable ingress & Egress for port 2. Now click APPLY
Disconnect from your Wi-Fi if your pc hasn't switched to wired by default.

Switch settings should look like this

Setting up OctoSniff
On your task bar right click the Lan/Ethernet icon and choose OPEN NETWORK & SHARING CENTER.
Look for the Ethernet adapter that your pc is using for internet. (In my case it's using the Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller which I've renamed to Game Consoles)
From the OctoSniff Adapter/interface selection choose the adapter your PC is using for internet. (Same adapter as in step 4)
Once you selected the adapter simply click sniff on OctoSniff.

Adapter that my pc is using for internet is chosen on OctoSniff

To be noted:
This video only shows pulling for games that support decrypt, If you want to pull ips on games that don't support decrypt (ie COD, Destiny,RDR, Rainbow 6 Siege®, Fortnite etc) >CLICK HERE<

Updated on: 29/01/2023

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