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No, and simply NO.

OctoSniff does not contain any virus. If you believe it contains any virus, you can run the program on a VM or through sandboxie to confirm it's completely safe.

OctoSniff is getting detected by Anti Virus due the obfuscation/security we have on our program to prevent cracking. Obfuscation, is basically making it harder for 'crackers' to crack our software.

You do not necessarily need to disable your entire Anti-Virus, while this is the easiest - but you can also exclude OctoSniff by following the video below. Please keep in mind this guide is for windows defender. If you have any other AV please use google on how to exclude from folders/files from your AV provider. (ie. McAfee ,Avast, Malwarebytes etc

Please use the video above for a reference to finding this path. C:\Program Files\OctoSniff
Windows 7 Exclusion >CLICK HERE<
Windows 8/8.1 Exclusion >CLICK HERE<
Norton Exclusion >CLICK HERE<
Malwarebytes Exclusion >CLICK HERE<
AVG Exclusion >CLICK HERE<
BitDefender Exclusion >CLICK HERE<
McAfee Exclusion >CLICK HERE<
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