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Exploring The Price Options For OctoSniff & Services It Offers

Octosniff is a one time payment and you have it for life it requires windows 8 or higher to use it however some of our addons are mobile friendly. Only addons are monthly and can be renewed every 30 days or every 90 days depending on the subscription length you choose.

OctoSniff Packages
Octosniff - Normal (Includes 1 month of PlayStation Decryption) = $19.99 Purchase normal
OctoSniff - Ultimate (Includes 1500 Points + 1 month of XBOX &PlayStation Decryption) = $29.99 Purchase Ultimate
OctoSniff Features
Packet Filters (Detect Games)
Custom IP Labels (Add Gamertag to IP)
Filter packets by ISP
IP to Username Database Lookup
Advanced Geo IP Lookup Information
VPN / DDoS Protection Detector
Free Updates Frequently
Access to BETA Testing
Access to Tools & Resolvers
Blacklist one PSN/XBOX account free
Customize Theme

^^This is the actual sniffer software that runs on your pc to pull ips.

OctoSniff Subscription Based Addons
PS4 Decryption allows you to get usernames in supported games. (requires OctoSniff software on pc) free access for the first month.
Xbox Game Decrypt allows you to get usernames in supported games. (IOS & Android friendly)
Xbox Party Nuke & Tools. (IOS & Android friendly)
If you don't own OctoSniff and want access to the resolvers, psn username checker, geo ip lookup you can buy lifetime access to just those features with OctoSniff points.

When purchasing OctoSniff, you'll automatically get access to PLAYSTATION 4 AI for one month free of charge. After the month has expired, you can decide whether you want to extend it by purchasing the Addon you can renew the addon by purchasing points. If not, the tool works without username AI as well. It uses our database to lookup the usernames, and everything else will work normal.
500,Points = $7.99
1000,Points = $12.99
2,000Points = $19.99

PSN/XBOX Game Decryption Monthly Pricing

Xbox Party Nuke & Tools Monthly Pricing

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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