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Understanding How PSN/XBOX Party Chats Work

XBOX and PSN party chats have received a update please be advised these updates do not effect what games we support, They only effect the networking nature of party chats.

There are 2 forms of networking for games P2P and Dedicated.
P2P = Peer to Peer means you and the other clients are directly connected to each other via the Internet, exchanging data between each other.
If your game is P2P you will get the other clients IP.
Dedicated Servers = All clients connect to a server an relay data to the server an then the server relays the data back to all clients, so no data is sent between the clients.
If the game is using fully dedicated servers you will only get the server ip.
For more information on what games are P2P and what games use dedicated servers >CLICK HERE<

For XBOX Party chat.
XBOX has made party chats dedicated , Since they are no longer P2P no packet capture software can get player IP's. Packet capture software's will only get the IP of the Server the party is running on.
Currently there is no way to get player ips in party chat anymore, After our latest party chat decryption method was hotfixed.

For PSN Party chat
Currently PSN Party Chat will first try to establish network connectivity between party members directly. If direct (P2P) connectivity fails,
The connection will tunnel to enable connectivity between NAT types that are incompatible and then the consoles will connect through the server.
For PSN Party chats outside of incompatible NAT types the following is why you may have issues pulling.
If you or another person have your PS4/PS5 "Party voice chat connection" Set to Server only, It will make you and them un-pullable and you wont be able to pull other clients IPs as your connection will be tunneled through the server. this feature is essentially making it tunnel by default. make sure to have yours on "AUTOMATIC"
More than 8 people in the party will also cause the party to fully tunnel to avoid any incompatible NAT types.
Using octosniff wirelessly which requires a ARP Spoofing attack may cause packet loss thus making the party to tunnel the connetion do to incompatible nat type.

How to set Chat connection to Auto on PS4.

How to set Chat connection to Auto on PS5.

To be noted: You must be using the latest version of OctoSniff to add custom labels next to ips. (Ie Gamertags as shown below)
As you can see below there is 4 people in the party, But one has nat type or has their connection set to server only so it says "PSN TUNNELED CONNECTION" as thats the server they connected to the chat through.
psn party

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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