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HWID Locking and Unlocking with OctoSniff

Octosniff is locked to your Device HWID To prevent sharing of our software. HWID locking also makes the software VPN friendly,

You get 1 free unlock every 90 days (3 months) Unlock tokens reset every 90 days meaning.
If you unlock it on 04/22/2023 at 3pm you will not get a unlock token again until 07/22/2023 at 3pm and wnt be able to unlock your tool until that date or you can buy a unlock for 500 points.

Reasons your tool may lock.
You've changed a part in your pc (ie. HDD/SSD,CPU,Motherboard etc).
Downloaded/installed the tool on new device.
Spoofing your HWID.
factory reset your pc. (very rare but it may lock).
Re-installing windows (very rare but it may lock).

If you try to open your OctoSniff and get the following message below. It means your software is locked.
HWID Locked
To unlock your tool simply visit the octosniff dashboard and click unlock when prompted.

Updated on: 29/01/2023

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