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Troubleshooting Decryption Errors on PS4 with OctoSniff

The following steps/video will show you how to fix "Unable To Decrypt Please Try Again" on ps4. Please read the following tips etc below.

Unable To Decrypt Please Try Again fix
Press the "WINDOWS KEY + R"
Type "%appdata%" and hit enter.
Locate the "Octosniff" folder and delete it.
Set the tool back up. But DO NOT enable the other info tab this breaks decrypt.

Join a new session after clearing %appdata%.
If you are using the tool via wireless setup stop spoofing after you grab all the lobby ips, And then try to decrypt.
If you are using the wired setup make sure to sniff on the game console adapter, Not the VPN adapter or your WiFi!.
Some users may take a few try's to decrypt, this is normal do to the way the exploit works.
double check the persons name by searching them on the psn app make sure they have matching avatars especially if their name has lots of i's and L's.


Updated on: 29/01/2023

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