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Beta Testing: Xbox Add-Ons

These are Paid OctoSniff Exclusive Addons that can be purchased via our Addon Store!

Games tab
Fetching your current game session while on a game that supports decryption instantly grabs client IP's with their Gamertag.
To view the confirmed games that support this addon >CLICK HERE<

Current issues that are being looked into NO ETA on when or if these features will be returning.

For XBOX Party chat. Patched No Longer For Sale
XBOX has made party chats dedicated , Since they are no longer P2P no packet capture software can get player IP's. Packet capture software's will only get the IP of the Server the party is running on.
Currently there is no way to get player ips in party chat anymore, After our latest party chat decryption method was hotfixed. However, our software still works on games.

For Kicker. Patched No Longer For Sale

Party Chats tab Patched No Longer For Sale

Updated on: 02/08/2023

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