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Maximizing the Use of Octosniff Game Filters

Game filters provide a convenient way of identifying game server and client IPs by automatically labeling the related traffic. We will guide you on how to properly configure the filtered games tab for optimal usage.

To properly set up the filtered games tab, please follow these steps:
Click on the settings button in the top right corner and select the "Interface" tab.
Enable the option for "Show Other Info".
In the "Console IP Filter" field, enter the IP address of the specific console or device. (For example, a phone or game console IP) If you are using a PC for sniffing, leave this field empty.
If the game or application has a corresponding game filter option, please enable it.
Once these steps are completed, begin capturing packets and join a game session.

It is important to only use game filters while actively playing the game in question. Having multiple filters enabled during a game may cause overlap, resulting in confusion. To avoid this, we recommend only leaving party chat filters on while playing a game. When switching to a different game, turn off the previous filter and enable the new one for the new game. By doing this, you'll be able to capture accurate data and avoid confusion.

Always begin capturing packets before joining a game or party chat. This is essential as most filters require information from the initial packets in order to function properly.
If you are using software wireless and ARP spoofing, filters may not work as intended due to packet loss caused by the spoofing. In this case, the IP will appear in the "Other Info" tab.
If there is no "Game Filter" available for your specific game or the packets do not match the filter, the IP will appear in the "Other Info" tab. For dedicated servers, the IP with the most traffic will likely be the server IP.


If you do not see a filter for a game, it may be that the game has recently updated and caused the filter to malfunction. In this case, please join our Discord by linking your account at the bottom of the settings, and message CSPG (Admin). If I have the game, I will update the filter. If I do not have the game, I will need PCAPs from you, please message me. Click here to link your account to join the discord

Updated on: 20/01/2023

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