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Blacklisting Yourself from xResolver/PSNResolver: A Step-by-Step Guide

Blacklisting yourself from xResolver/PSNResolver is the best alternative to prevent your IP from being re-added by our packet parsers.

You have two alternatives to blacklist yourself
Purchasing OctoSniff the Software.
Purchasing OctoSniff Points & use the points to unlock blacklist (Cheapest)

How to blacklist using OctoSniff Points
Register to
Head over to & purchase 500 Points (minimum).
Once you purchased, give it a few moments then check your website inbox.
Grab the license key then activate it under "Settings".
Once you activated the points, click "Misc" in the menu then click "Blacklist" to unlock the blacklisting.

Payment Methods Available
Credit/Debit Card, Cryptocurrency & alternative payment methods through Payop.

To be noted
You can update the username/gamertag as many times as you want. However if you blacklist "1234" and then blacklist "12345" "1234" will become De-blacklisted.
You can only blacklist 1 PSN and 1 XBOX live account per Octosniff account. Blacklist is also permanent as long as you don't change gamertags.
for xbox do not include any special characters in your gamertag when blacklisting. (ie #, or any other symbols)
You need to register to both JustGaming & OctoSniff, as they are two completely separated websites. JustGaming is strictly to purchase/process the payment. While OctoSniff is the software/tool itself.


Updated on: 08/06/2023

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