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Effective Solutions for Troubleshooting OctoSniff on Windows 10 Following Update KB5014699

How to remove Windows Update (KB5014699) To fix ICS/HotSpot OctoSniff setup method.

Click start and choose Settings. (or press Windows Key+ S search Settings)
Once settings window is open choose Update & Security.
Towards the bottom of the window choose View Update History.
At the top left of the view update history window choose Uninstall Updates.
Now you need to look for the following update (KB5014699) as and simply unisntall it once its uninstalled your PC will reboot and the issue will be resolved. You can now enable PC HotSpot Or ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) with no issues.

Uninstall the following Windows Update (KB5014699)

Updated on: 29/01/2023

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