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Connecting OctoSniff to Game Consoles: Wireless Setup Guide

In this tutorial we'll explain how to use octosniff if your game console is wired to router or connected to WiFi.

GTA V Decryption for PlayStation shown in this video is patched, you will need to use the GTA V filter and filtered games tab now for XBOX/PLAYSTATION. more info about the game filters can be found by >CLICKING HERE<

How to find your Console & Router IP's

PS4/PS5: Settings => Go to the Settings =>Network => View Connection Status option.
XBOX ONE: Profile & system => Settings => General => Network settings, => Advanced settings.
Take note of the following information your console displays "IP address(ipv4) = (Console IP) & Default gateway = (Router IP)".

Wireless tutorial:

Open up OctoSniff and select your Network Interface. Ie. your computers internet adapter either ethernet or WiFi.
Click the "Network" tab, then click "Scan".
as target 1 /Console, you select your IP address (Console IP).
As target 2 / Router, you select your Default gateway (Router IP).
Click "Spoof" once selected, then "Sniff".
You should now start seeing IP Addresses appear! It may take some time, to make it quicker you can move your character in game, talk on the mic etc.

To be noted
Make sure you've allowed the software through PC firewall, and click scan a few times.
If for some reason, your Console did not appear - you can add it manually. This may take a couple of attempts, but it will work eventually! if your pc and console are both on Wi-Fi make sure they are both on 2.4G or both on 5G
This video only shows pulling for games that support decrypt and showed how to use the game filters for party chat, If you want to pull IP's on games that don't support decrypt Like PSN party chats or (ie COD, Destiny, RDR, Rainbow 6 Siege®, Fortnite etc) You will need to use the game filters more info about the game filters can be found by >CLICKING HERE<

Common errors or questions
Unable to decrypt error for PlayStation? Please read the Tips on this page >CLICK HERE< for more info.
Not looking to use OctoSniff for a game console? No problem you can follow the PC setup guide by >CLICKING HERE<.
If you are having disconnect issues, Lag or trouble pulling IP's simply use the PC HotSpot method, or switch to one of recommended wired setups linked below, as they do not require a ARP Spoofing attack.

Below are the best recommended setups in order
Wired To Router: Click here to view the guide
Wired To PC: Click here to view the guide

Updated on: 29/01/2023

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