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Resolving Windows 10 Internet Connection Sharing Issues After Reboot

For some reason Microsoft has yet to fix this bug that seems to go back to about Windows 10 build 1703. Below Is simple working solution that will allow you to not have to Un-share an Re-share the connection every time you reboot your PC to enable connection sharing for your console again.

Search "regedit" on your PC or use Windows Key+R and type "regedit" and hit enter.
Once open navigate to or paste HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedAccess and hit enter. make sure to paste this after Computer\.
Now simply right click an use the drop down menu to select New->DWORD(32Bit) Value . Then paste in "EnableRebootPersistConnection" and hit enter.
Then right click on that and select modify. Change the value to 1 and hit ok.
Search "services" on your PC or use Windows Key+R and type "services.msc" and hit enter.
Once open scroll down to the “I” section and look for Internet Connection Sharing(ICS).
Right click on it and select Properties. In the properties menu look for the Startup type drop down menu and from it select Automatic Click Apply and OK.

Close everything and you are done!! your console will now have internet from your pc even after a reboot!! To test this simply share the connection from your PC's internet adapter Or VPN adapter to the console adapter, Test the connection on your console once it passes reboot the PC, Once the PC is back on simply test your console connection again and it should pass without having to Un-share and Re-share, If you are sharing from a VPN make sure to connect again after reboot.

Updated on: 29/01/2023

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