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Game filters make it easier to find game Server/ Client IP's by automatically labeling the traffic for you!! Below we will show you how to setup the filtered games tab properly.

Click settings in the top right click the interface tab and enable "Show Other Info".
Enter specified console or device ip in the "Console IP Filter". (ie phone ip, game console ip etc, (for sniffing on pc leave it empty).
If the game or application has a game filter please enable it.
once done start pulling and join a game session.

its important to only use game filters when actually on the game. Having multiple filters on during a game may cause certain filters to overlap each other which will only confuse you. For this reason we recommend only leaving the party chat filters on while on a game when switching games turn off your previous filter an enable the new one for your other game.

Make sure to pull before joining a game/ party chat this is extremely important as most of our filters get the packet information needed to in the first few bytes of data.
if you use the software wireless which requires ARP spoofing the filters are less likely to work do to packet loss caused by ARP spoofing. In this case they will show via the other info tab
If there is no "Game Filter" for your specified game or the packet doesn't match the filter, The IP will display via the other info tab, If the game is dedicated the server ip will be the IP with the most traffic.


|| Don't see a filter for a game? Did the game recently update causing the filter to not work? Simply join our discord by linking your account at the bottom of the settings and message CSPG (Admin). Click here to link your account to join the discord
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