Some of our services appear not to be working at the moment.

Our team has been notified, and is working on sorting out the issue.

These are Paid OctoSniff Exclusive Addons that can be purchased via our Addon Store!

Party Chats tab
Fuck Up - makes party invisible and messes up some party tools making it so no one can fetch the party.
Nuke - crashes the entire party kicking everyone.
Nuke is Currently down investigating the issue for now we have disabled the sales of party chat tool only users who bought it will still have access to the tab

Games tab
Fetching your current game session while on a game that supports decryption instantly grabs client IP's with their Gamertag.
To view the confirmed games that support this addon >CLICK HERE<

Current issues that are being looked into and why the Xbox section on the site's layout will be changing.
For XBOX Party chat.
XBOX has made party chats dedicated , Since they are no longer P2P no packet capture software can get player IP's. Packet capture software's will only get the IP of the Server the party is running on.
Currently there is no way to get player ips in party chat anymore, After our latest party chat decryption method was hotfixed.

For Kicker.
Individual kicking is currently patched.
Addon Renamed to Party Chat Tools.

If you want to add a new XBOX Auth or are having trouble nuking/fetching game or party , Please un-authorize and re-auth.
If this does not work, Simply clear browser cache an cookies an re-load our site, or go to This Link then sign out and sign back in.

You must have a friend in the party or the person added when fetching the party if you are not in it.
To nuke a party it must be open, if its not open you must join the party an nuke it.
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