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Connecting OctoSniff To Game Consoles: Wireless PC Hotspot Guide (Recommended)

In this tutorial we'll explain how to setup a hotspot on your computer and how to setup OctoSniff once your game console is connected to the hotspot.

Before we start, please follow the instructions below to check your WiFi signal strength.

Press the "WINDOWS KEY + S"
Type "CMD" and run it as admin.
Once "CMD" is open Copy & paste the following "netsh wlan show interfaces" in CMD and hit enter.
If your WiFi signal remains at 85%-100% after doing the command 3 times, please double check your pc for the following Windows Update [KB5014699] guide for this is linked below!!

You will want to run the netsh wlan show interfaces command at least 3 times!

How to remove Windows Update [KB5014699] broke internet connection sharing and PC HotSpot, To fix this issue simply >Click Here<

Make sure OctoSniff is not open before proceeding!!!

Setting Up/Starting your PC Hotspot.

Press the "WINDOWS KEY + S"
Click "EDIT" under network Properties and set the network name and password to whatever you want.
On your game console you will now setup a new WiFi Connection and connect to the Hotspot.
Once your game console is connected you will see the Game consoles IP it should start with this will be needed later.

How your hotspot tab should look.

Setting Up OctoSniff.

Press the "WINDOWS KEY + S"
Find the adapter that says "Microsoft WiFi direct virtual adapter" Right click it and rename it to whatever you like. example below I named mine "HOTSPOT".
Open OctoSniff.
Select the "HOTSPOT" (or whatever you named the adapter) Adapter under interfaces.
Under settings enter your game console IP address in the device filter (console filter).
Simply Click Sniff and join a game session or party chat.

OctoSniff Interfaces/Network Adapters.

To be noted
This video only shows pulling for games that support decrypt, For games that don't support decrypt(ie Party Chat,COD,Destiny,RDR,Rainbow 6 Siege,Fortnite etc) >CLICK HERE<
GTA V Decryption for PlayStation shown in this video is patched, you will need to use the GTA V filter and filtered games tab now for XBOX/PLAYSTATION for OctoSniff V3
If you are using OctoSniff V4 the ips for GTA V & RDR 2 do not require a filter and will still appear in the PS Tab.

Common errors or questions
Unable to decrypt error for PlayStation? Please read the Tips on this page >CLICK HERE< for more info.
If the hotspot network doesn't show up on your device make sure you try 2.4G as some devices don't support 5G, for example PS4 slim & PS4 Pro support 2.4G/5G
while the original PS4 only supports 2.4G. To change the frequency simply click "EDIT" under network Properties in the mobile hotspot section and choose 2.4Ghz Under Network band.

Below are the best recommended setups in order.
Wired To Router: Click here to view the guide
Wired To PC: Click here to view the guide

Updated on: 03/12/2023

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